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Independent Publications

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Independent Publications

Welcome to Eulimene Series of Independent Publications

The EULIMENE SERIES of Independent Publications accommodates book-length studies in the fields of Classical Archaeology, Epigraphy, Numismatics, and Papyrology, with particular interest in the Greek and Roman Mediterranean world. The time span covered by the EULIMENE SERIES runs from the Late Minoan / Sub Minoan / Mycenean period (12th / 11th cent. BC) through to the Late Antiquity (5th / 6th cent.AD). The EULIMENE SERIES is designed to accommodate extended essays too long for inclusion in the EULIMENE annual scientific Journal and they can be single author monographs, proceeding of colloquia and congresses, excavation publications, numismatic corpora and editions of inscriptions and papyri. EULIMENE SERIES will also welcome studies on Anthropology, Palaiodemography, Palaio-environment, Botanical and Faunal Archaeology, the Ancient Economy and the History of Science, so long as they conform to the geographical and chronological boundaries noted. Broader studies on Classics or Ancient History will be welcome, though they should be strictly linked with one or more of the areas mentioned above. The EULIMENE-SERIES appears irregularly.

It will be very much appreciated if contributors consider the following guidelines:
1. Contributions should be in either of the following languages: Greek, English, German, French or Italian. Each paper should be accompanied by a summary of about up to 3.000 words in English (or in Greek for non-Greek works).
2. Accepted abbreviations are those of American Journal of Archaeology, Numismatic Literature, J.F. Oates et al., Checklist of Editions of Greek and Latin Papyri, Ostraca and Tablets, ASP.
3. Illustrations should be submitted in .tiff or .jpg format of at least 1,200 dpi (dots per inch) for line art and 400 dpi for halftones (grayscale mode) resolution. All illustrations should be numbered in a single sequence.
4. Please submit your text to the following two e-mail addresses: and
It is the author's responsibility to obtain written permission to quote or reproduce material which has appeared in another publication or is still unpublished. Offprint of the work in .pdf format and 10 volumes of the EULIMENE SERIES will be provided to the contributors free of charge.

Subscriptions - Contributions - Information: Mediterranean Archaeological Society, P. Manousaki 5 - V. Chali 8, Rethymno - GR 74100
Dr. Nikos Litinas, University of Crete, Department of Philology, Rethymno - GR 74100 - e-mail:
Prof. Manolis I. Stefanakis, University of the Aegean, Department of Mediterranean Studies, Rhodes - GR 85100 - e-mail:

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